How to Apply for Internships

Internship Application

***If you are applying for an internship, join the Schoology Course to stay up to date and receive messages.*** Instructions below. 

1. Read job descriptions currently available and decide which positions are right for you. 

2. Prepare your resume before applying.  If you need help with your resume, check out the resources posted on this page. You can also build your resume in Kuder. If you need help on your resume, email Mrs. Pippin at 

3. Click Apply Now to fill out your application and attach your resume.  

4. Start preparing for your interview.  Check out the resources on how to dress for a job interview and also some common questions that interviewers might ask you. There are many YouTube videos that give advice about interviews. 


Here are some other requirements for internship application:

- Must be a current Junior or Senior (unless otherwise stated)
- Have a valid Drivers License or State ID
- Must have access to reliable transportation
- Must have a checking account in YOUR name before work start date

Job Descriptions
Citronelle Business Partner Internships
The job descriptions below are for the summer internships with CHS business partners. This application will be open until March 21, 2022. These positions are available only to CHS students. 
MCPSS District Internships

The job descriptions below are for summer internships working for MCPSS. These applications will be open until March 11, 2022. These positions are open to all MCPSS students in grades 11 and 12.

Mobile/Baldwin Counties Internships
The job descriptions below are for summer internships in Mobile and Baldwin Counties. These applications will be open until March 11, 2022. These applications are open to all MCPSS students in grades 11 and 12.
Important Information about Internship Applications

Intern Applicant Schoology Course

Students who are applying for a 2022 Summer Internship need to join the Schoology Course. The course code is 69V3-BSVH-H3C3N. 

Student Instructions to Join Course:

1. Log in to Schoology

2. Click "Courses" tab at top of page.

3. Click "My Courses"

4. Click "Join a Course"

5. Enter the Course Code: 69V3-BSVH-H3C3N. 

Mock Interviews And Workshops

There will be mock interviews and workshops before the application and interview windows. Students are expected to participate in order to secure an interview with a company. 

Tentative Schedule - Join Schoology for times and schedules. 

February 14 - Mock Interviews and Resume Workshop

March 21 - Mock Interviews & Interview Workshop

March 23 - Community Mock Interviews at Central Office after School

Job Descriptions And Application

Job descriptions and internship applications will be posted on the school website and in the Schoology Course. It is very important that applicants read job descriptions before applying.

Pay careful attention to requirements and preferences of employers as well as the location of the business. Most positions offered to all MCPSS students are located in Mobile, and some are located in Baldwin County. 

MCPSS Application Open Feb 17 - Mar 11

CHS Business Partner Applications Open Mar 7-21

Internship Success

How to Prepare for your resume and interview

When you're in an interview, you want to take opportunities to discuss your skills. Review these skills, identify which skills you possess, and think of ways you demonstrate those skills. Don't be afraid to highlight your strengths, but make sure you stay truthful to who you are. 

Career Ready
21st century

Resume Advice