Manufacturing Academy

If you're fascinated by the way things work, then you might enjoy exploring the Manufacturing Academy.  Jobs in this high-tech field involve planning, managing, and performing the processing of materials into intermediate or final products.  Nearly every product we wear, use, and drive was produced by a highly skilled team of manufacturing professionals.


Advanced Manufacturing

  • Manufacturing I
  • Manufacturing II
  • Manufacturing III
  • Safety & Health Regulations

* MSSC Certified Production Technician


  • Maintenance & Light Repair A
  • Maintenance & Light Repair B
  • Maintenance & Light Repair C
  • Maintenance & Light Repair D

* ASE Certification


  • Introduction to Engineering Design- PLTW
  • Principles of Engineering- PLTW
  • Digital Electronics- PLTW
  • Robotics Application


  • NCCER Welding 1
  • NCCER Welding 2
  • NCCER Welding 3
  • NCCER Welding 4
*Dual Enrollment with Bishop State Community CollegeCourses in bold are required in sequential order to complete the pathway.

*Career Readiness Indicator